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Esna, Edfu, Com Ombo


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Red Sea


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Welcome in Egypt - welcome at Abdul Menam!
My name is Abdul Menam and I would like to show you Egypt.
But only if you want it. I have been a dynamic tourguide and an Egyptologist of hearts for over twenty years. I would like you these embellish towns and sights, the past, the spirituality of the people of the ancient times and a modern culture of my country show to today's with my joy and energy for the life.
I take you to a journey in the past and future. And what you want to experience and I lead you there determine you where.
I speak the English and German language for you perfectly. I have cooperated with the old specialists of egyptology for many years.
I welcome you in enchanting Egypt and reveal you this world with a great pleasure.
Several photos you can click to enlarge.

To get to know Egypt a little better I have the highlights of one here for you for Egypt travel summarized.
You can look at the information of the towns in the left navigation.
I show you my offers of your journey in the upper navigation.
You can arrange your own journey together with me.
They want you to say what, I make a good offer to you after that!


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